lvl protocol


Web3 communities are designed for interoperability and composability, yet each DAO has specific needs and types of contributions. How can we bridge it all together, such that each entity can take their contributions and reputation with them, from DAO to DAO to DAO?


An interoperable on-chain "Soulbound" NFT that bridges data from every DAO and ecosystem tool in an un-opinionated way, while retaining on-chain interoperability.

Anyone can mint a lvl NFT, and any community can wire up their existing tools, membership NFT(s), and data sources into the lvl rollup API. Community managers can customize how their data from different sources (ie. SourceCred, Coordinape, Discord, Twitter, Figma, Github, etc) is weighted and combine sources into unique "skill" values.

How it works

1. Community managers can determine the weight of each data point, based on what matters to their community.

All data can be used to determine a skill lvl. Communities need direct control of how that math composes across many different systems.

2. Math and logic are composable

Custom math and logic is saved into a "rollup" function, which can be customized and used across different ecosystems.

3. Data storage is scalable

All 3rd party data from dozens of tools is parsed and stored on IPFS, organized by each DAO, to maintain community transparency.

4. Data is interoperable

Off-chain data is rolled up and check-pointed as individual skill lvls on-chain, such that ANY smart contract or tool can gate access based on specific skill lvls across all communities.

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