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Gnosis Safe - Multisig wallets commonly used to manage community treasuries.
Snapshot - Off-chain voting platform for easy token-based governance.
Discourse - Forum commonly used to discuss governance proposals.
CollabLand - Bots providing token-gated access and tipping to community chat groups.
Coordinape - Coordination game to determine which contributors(s) deserve token rewards.
Parcel - Treasury management to easily track and send payments.
SourceCred - Instance to track community participation and reward active members.
Mirror - Finance creative projects through tokenized crowdfunds.
Tally - Governance dashboard to track on-chain voting history across different protocols.
Boardroom - Governance hub for tokenholder management to empower key decision making.
Sybil - Create and track on-chain governance delegation.
RabbitHole - Reward tokens for completing specific on-chain tasks.

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