DAO Governance

IndieDAO is governed by vote of the INDIE token holders.

Snapshot Proposals

IndieDAO is not a wholly decentralized organization where every issue must be voted upon, but major decisions are handled via Snapshot proposal vote by the non-treasury $INDIE token holders at the time of the vote. Approved proposals then serve to govern future action until superseded by a subsequent approved proposal.

Any $INDIE token holder may put forward a proposal at any time as described in the Governance Access Proposal. All proposals should be vetted via a comment period prior to appearing for a vote.

Core Team

Handling the day-to-day between proposals is the core team. The core team members have agreed to allocate time to DAO responsibilities beyond any service/client work they might do and lead the focus efforts that IndieDAO was formed to support. While core team members also themselves directly work in support of the focus efforts, it is in concert with all DAO members on whom the core team depends to achieve DAO-led goals.

The core team was formed via the Core Team Formation Proposal which outlines many of the key roles and responsibilities, the current focus areas, and when members may rotate out and new members be added. There is no explicit number of core team members specified as itโ€™s a practical reflection of the responsibilities that need attention.

Twoโ€™s Complement

IndieDAO was founded by Twoโ€™s Complement (2C) and is funded by 2C. As such, 2C has a close relationship with IndieDAO. Over time, as the DAO grows in members and is able to stand on its own financially through client/product work, it is expected that the relationship with 2C will change to that where 2C is a client of the DAO, not too unlike any other DAO partner.

There is no set timeline for this transition. Being thorough and practical is of greater importance than speed and as such, it is expected to take a number of years.

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