Welcome to IndieDAO

What is IndieDAO?

The mission of IndieDAO is to build the future of work by becoming the best freelance network in the world that matches Indies with their dream projects and clients with their dream team. However, being an independent worker, or an "Indie," comes with huge benefits but also big risks, the biggest being staying on top of administrative responsibilities.

Our primary goal is to create a DAO that can manage all of those pesky business aspects - client relationships, project opportunities, closing contracts, and collecting payments - so that Indies can focus on doing what they do best.

Our hypothesis

We have invested the past several years designing and bootstrapping a consulting practice that will lend itself to an extraordinary transformation. Rather than bootstrapping a DAO from our inception, we’ve offered a hypothesis that incrementally migrating layers of a traditional corporate model into a DAO will increase our chances of eventual success at scale.

The IndieDAO and Two's Complement have designed an incremental approach that will systematically transform a traditional consultancy into a services DAO, while optimizing its growth potential along the way. The approach focuses on continuously testing and maturing governance protocols in order to minimize the amount of risk that early members must bear.

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