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Onboarding process

This process must be completed within the first month of joining the IndieDAO
As of April 2022, we have temporarily closed our application process while we revamp our community strategy for new members. When we reopen the onboarding process, it is expected to remain as currently shown below.

1. Complete your application

We encourage you to take your time on the application as this is our way of getting to know who you are, what your skills are, and what you want to accomplish at IndieDAO.
Please note that if your application has been accepted, you have *one calendar month* to complete all of your onboarding steps. This is to encourage and maintain active participation from our community members. If you cannot commit to completing these steps in a month, we kindly request that you come back to apply when our goals better align with your schedule.

2. Join our Discord

We treat our Discord server like its our co-working office in the metaverse. Here, you'll be able to meet other Indies, get a feel for our culture, and engage in fun conversations about all things web3, crypto, and building.
You will have access to all of our WATERCOOLER channels, where we casually chat around the watercooler
However, you'll only have read access in our FOCUS EFFORTS channels where we collaborate on ongoing internal and external projects until you complete the onboarding process.
There's even a private channel dedicated just for your cohort! Look for the channel with your cohort number under COHORTS and there you'll have a safe space just for you and your cohort buds!

3. Attend the orientation call

This initial call is important because, as a decentralized org, we really value getting to know and build relationships with other DAO members. We will be working together after all!
Look for the scheduling link in your cohort's channel and add your availability. Please make sure to let one of the core team know if you cannot make it in the dates allocated so we can find another date/time that meets your schedule.

4. Engage in Discord

We are a community that learns and grows together. In order to show that you want to participate, we want to see you genuinely engage, share your interests, be curious about others, and contribute to our community.
Here are some ideas on how to start:
  • Introduce yourself to the community in #☕️⎮general
  • Share a cool new web3 integration tool you found in #🔮⎮development-wizardry
  • Post a picture of your pet in #🦄⎮furry-friends
  • RSVP in 📣⎮announcements to our weekly community calls like This Week in Crypto where we chat about the latest news in web3

5. Follow IndieDAO on Twitter @theindiedao

Because DAOs that build together, shill together 💪🏼

6. Create your lvl profile

lvl protocol is currently in development. We will be reaching out to members who joined during this phase to follow-up on account creation.

7. Show us your talent!

The final step in onboarding is to showcase your talent and the unique set of skills that you bring to IndieDAO. This step is critical as it helps show the entire DAO all about who you are, what you do, and how you communicate your work. The format is open-ended to accommodate all Indies of varying skills, schedules, and lifestyles.
Here are a few examples of what you can do to complete this step:
  • Create a 5-minute video demo of a project you did that demonstrates your skills. In this video, you should talk about your role in the project, what challenge you were solving, and how you did it. Then post the final video in #☕️⎮general to share with the DAO!
  • Collaborate with another cohort member to brainstorm a potential solution to a common problem you see in web3, freelancing, or remote work today. Create a 5-10 minute video demo sharing what your solution would be and how you would accomplish it in a way that highlights each of your individual talents. Then post the final video in #☕️⎮general to share with the DAO!
  • Sign up to be a guest speaker at Cyber Café , our weekly community call where we go into detail about specific topics so that we can learn together as a group. As a guest speaker, you are offering to talk about an area of your expertise and educate the community. The topics can range from best practices for design in web3 to how to write a killer marketing pitch. You can expect to be on the call for at least 30 minutes but no longer than 1 hour.
Have a different idea or a suggestion as to what you could do? Call it out in your cohort, and we can discuss it. The goal is to express your superpower to the DAO and we are open to means that achieve that goal.

8. Attend the cohort closing call

Congratulations! You've made it to the last step. All of the hard work is done and now the fun begins. To celebrate, please join the cohort closing call where we reflect on the last month and share anything you learned.
This call also serves a second purpose: to be a safe space to share feedback on this onboarding process. As a community, we are constantly looking for opportunities to improve this process for everyone, and there is no better place to start than with you!