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IndieDAO welcomes and onboards new members in small cohorts on an ongoing monthly basis. This means at the end of each month, the community team reviews all of the applications received that month. The team selects 6-8 people who can then choose to accept and join the IndieDAO as part of the onboarding cohort. While the process is not completely blind, the team does their best to protect the applicant's anonymity and seek to understand a person as best as possible irrespective of race, location, and gender. This application and cohort processes allow us to focus on finding the best, most passionate and driven Indies while remaining slow and intentional with our growth.

What to expect

First, you'll need to submit an application. Once accepted, you'll need to complete the onboarding steps within your first month at IndieDAO. Here's an overview of what to expect 👇

  1. After joining the IndieDAO Discord, you introduced yourself to the community and was met with warm welcomes!

  2. You attended the orientation call where you got to chat with your fellow cohort members and other Indies and ask any questions about the onboarding process

  3. You checked out all the channels about and engaged in conversations that helped you realize that you've found your people

  4. You showcased your skills, talents, and superpowers to the entire DAO which helped everyone learn more about you and your passions

  5. After sharing your talent, you attended the cohort closing call where everyone got to reflect on their experiences and provide any feedback

What comes next

You've joined the IndieDAO and completed the onboarding process - what's next? Well, that's largely up to you. Your road to earn $INDIE tokens, and thus the Indie role in Discord, depends on your contributions towards building the DAO.

Currently, we are in the building phase of IndieDAO, meaning we are building the structures and products necessary so that the DAO can sustain itself with ongoing cycles of client projects with enough skilled Indies to complete them. Our focus efforts may change slightly each season but they all point to the same goal - making IndieDAO the best freelance network in the world. We hope you join us to shape the future of work in a huge way.

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